Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bad Day for A dragon

A Picture Story from Portrait of Words
Bad Day For a Dragon

Gladys, the dragon was upset. It had been a very bad day.
First she almost collided with a jet plane.
She was sure that stupid pilot was out of his flight path. He certainly wasn't supposed to be there.
Then she had shape shifted into a human because she wanted to go to this lovely barbecue. They had some of her favorite food.
But they wouldn't let her in because she didn't have an invitation. She almost shape shifted back . They would have run like sheep and she could have had the entire barbecue for herself. But that was against those stupid protocols. Why dragons ever signed them she didn't know.
After that it was all downhill. Some stupid company built a hideous new headquarters in her favorite landing spot on the far side of Hasansack , New Jersey.
She had been landing there for years. She considered it hers. It was in the most isolated part of the town and not far from the cave she called home.
So she decided to visit some friends in the great Southwest. By the time she got there it was dark and she ran into a roof that had never been there before.
What idiot puts a roof over a structure that has stood on its own for five hundred years ?
She fell so hard that the display cabinet at the gift shop fell over
and all kinds of things broke. The owner almost saw her before she went to her invisible mode. It hurts a bit to be invisible and her head hurt from the crash.
The day could hardly get any worse.
But tomorrow would be better. She was invited to a fancy dinner with Dr. John and he promised it would include Magic Parrot Soup.
He even let her come as a dragon but she did have to scale down her size somewhat.
Given today she was so thankful for the promise of tomorrow.


  1. Poor Gladys, I hope her day gets better, I am sure Dr John will see to that.

  2. Well Glady's just had a crappy day all the way around. But Alas, Dr. John to the rescue. I certainly hope that Gladys behaves there. I love her description of the pilot being out of his flight path...and good thing she can turn invisible quickly. Well done Fandango...and dang...the Dragon Protocols.

  3. I just hate days like that Gladys! Hope things improve. :)

  4. There is nothing better than a good friend with a bowl of soup after a crappy day. Gladys is lucky.

  5. I love the part about putting a roof on something that has been there 500 years! That's hilarious!

  6. mama said there would be days like this, thank goodness they're far and few in between