Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quilly 38

It is a Quilly day. Time to take Quilly’s three words for the day and write a story.

The 3WT #38 words will be: aquabib; ficulnean; brochity

aquabib - 1. A drinker of water.
ficulnean adj -of fig-tree wood; worthless
brochity n -projecting or crooked quality of teeth

After his last drinking bout which caused his ficulnean brochity he became an aquabib.

You seldom see an aquabib with a brochity because they refrain from ficulnean activities.

Dragons must not be aquabibs because too much water causes their flame to become ficulnean and sometimes this creates a hitonious brochity.

Parents should see to it that their children are aquabibs , have any brochity corrected, and refrain from ficulnean behavior.

As I watched the old drunk fall down adding to his brochity as his face hit the pavement I decided to be an aquabib and refrain from ficulnean drinking.

We will admit that Quilly's words can be a bit kexy. But they are clearly not ficulnean words. If for example you find a person with a horrible brochity You can talk about it and he will never know you are talking about him. The words are very good for aquabibs since they pretty much like to know what they are saying.
So the next time you are in a group astound them with your superb vocabulary and remember to thank Quilly.


  1. But dragons, you did not invite people to come and play with our words on the blogs! There are so few of us doing 3WT!

    And, your fifth sentence is exactly why I am an aquabib. I used to watch a relative of mine stumble and fall and crash into things, hurting them and him, and I decided that my life would be alcohol-free! (Don't ask my how I ended up married to a drunk, I still don't know the answer to that - -but he was sobber when I married him!)

  2. I'm gonna play next week (unless my little dragon visits again and then who knows.)

    Name That Christmas Song

  3. So many good ones, you talented dragons!!

  4. Fandango my friend. You have out done yourself :) I love your number 3. I guess since you can't brush your teeth you need all the fire you can the you gargle? LOL. Well done my friend :) 5 Cheers to Fandango and company!!!

  5. Lovely dragons! My son has steel cages on his teeth to correct the brochity! Imagine fire breathing past those. Ouch!