Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Picture Story/Song

A Picture Story from Portrait of Words
Our hero Thom did his pictures as a song story.
We want to emulate our hero so we wrote a song story but we are just beginning so we set it to the old dragon song " Twinkle Twinkle".
So here is our story song:

Fly On, Fly On

Fly on Fly on Little Birds

Leave the driving to us nerds

Up above my hat so high

Like a wheel in the sky

Fly on fly on little birds
Leave the driving to us nerds


  1. Oh Fandango, my dear sweet friend. It's no wonder fyou are one of my all time favorites. This was magnificent. Very well done and to think you added a video. Well done my friend.

    Rabbit, rabbit

  2. Well, that chased Thom's song out of my head, but I am not certain it was an improvement! ;)

    Seriously, you dragons did a great job on this. You carry a tune pretty well.