Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Speak Nonsense

The Week Nineteen words are: phlyarologist; pulchritudinious; summotion: Click on a red word for a definition.

The pulchritudinious woman was also something of a phlyarologist which caused her subsequent summotion.

A dragon that is a phlyarologist can never be considered a pulchritudinious dragon but one worthy of summotion.

A writer that insults other writers even if a pulchritudinious writer is more akin to a phlyarologist and thus worthy of summotion from the writer’s group.

With today’s pulchritudinious words you can be a writer of high class stories or a phlyarologist who writes stories worthy of summotion.

While I was drunk I told her she was a pulchritudinious lady but now I realize the booze turned me into a phlyarologist and I need to find some way to achieve summotion before she wakes up.

We invite any of you risible readers out there to try writing with Quilly's words. If you are a phlyarologist most peop0le won't even know your speaking nonsense. If your a pulchritudinious lady use these words and you will also seem wise. Warning do not use these words in your work place because they could lead to your summotion. Remember words are fun.


  1. Love the last one -- when I was drunk...laughed out loud on that one! All of them were great. Does the second one imply that dragons prefer the strong, silent type?

  2. where do you dragons come up with these words? they are awesome it would be cool to use in conversation if i could pronounce and remember them!!

  3. Yep, that last one is best, but all were great fun.

  4. Oh dragons...awesome. I love the last one...just love it :)

  5. As always, Fandango, you've put these words to dazzling use. #5 is my favorite, of course, but I have been on both sides of #4 and understand it well.