Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dragons and Poems

It is Saturday and time to play with words supplied by Raven's Wordzzle

This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: sow, close, console, lives, minute, polish ,bass, pussy , complex, resume

For the mini challenge: bow, house, import, intern, sewer

A Mega Challenge-The Politician

From the old sewer he came
This one so close to fame
They rewrote his resume
Gave him words he should say
Let him sow them on the air
Lives were changed but he didn’t care
Minute by minute and day by day
Complex truth he pushed away
Polish the money people he would
Console after disaster as he should
Had his picture taken with his pussy cat
His old bass fiddle and high top hat
The import of course was his selection
To the house in landslide election
On the stage of life he took his bow
And then fell off in a terrible row
Caught with an intern in the Capital Wing
An that intern really did sing
You can take the man and hide his past
But the sewer catches up at last.

Our Ten Word Challenge-A Dragon Word

In the second year of the Great Dragon War after many lives had been lost a truce was called. In the complex of the green dragons the time was used to console those who had lost loved ones and to help close that part of their life. Even though they knew that at any minute the war could resume their leader ordered the killing of the prize sow and that a great feast be made. In addition to the sow the feast was to include the last of the bass and the two pussy cats that had wandered into camp.The Polish dragons objected to the eating of the cats as they were pets in their country so the cats were spared. The head dragon announced that whatever happened in the war this would be remembered forever as the night of the green dragon feast.
"This then , According to the Sacred Book of the Dragons, is the origin of tonight’s feast", the Dragon Priest said to the congregation. Tonight we feast on the best sow and bass fish but no cats as it has always been.
The congregation responded " as it shall always be."


  1. Oh! Thank you for sharing that bit of dragon history. I have always wondered about the truth behind the dragon wars and the rumor that dragons secretly fear cats.

  2. You dragons are just so GOOD at poetry and I loved learning about Dragon history and traditions. :)

  3. Excellent poem, and of course also very interesting to learn a bit about dragon history!

  4. Good political poem, but I especially like the story of the Great Dragon Wars tradition. Always nice to learn more about dragons and their lore.

  5. Great Fandango...glad to learn about some Dragon History. Have a great Saturday :)

  6. i love this story, i love how clever you dragons are with your words you choose.

  7. Stellar poem my dragons, just wonderful. And very telling in the ending. Isn't it true that people show their true character most in their failures and their successes?

    Thanks for the insight into the Green Dragon feast. Does barbecue pork and catfish count? I might have eaten that meal once or twice in the south. Along with corn bread, greens, and sweet tea.

    Rock on Dragons

  8. So glad the cats were spared. You could have lost a majority of your readership. Thank goodness for your restraint and good taste.

    Dragons have a rich history and culture!

  9. I enjoyed your poem about the politician. I liked your story about the Great Dragon War and the feast tradition that followed, too. I was afraid the cats were going to be eaten, as I think dragons tend to eat a wide variety of things, and I'm glad that they were spared, though the story doesn't say what happened to them on non-feast days.

    Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

  10. Great poem and prose.
    I was glad to see that no cats were harmed in the writing of your story.

  11. Whewhh! A narrow escape for the kitties.

  12. PS do visit me tomorrow you will find a little something for you. :)