Friday, June 5, 2009

Flash 55

With a nod to Raven and Quilly
( This week's Raven's words were horrible as usual)

Friday 55 Flash Fiction is brought to you by G-man (Mr Knowitall). The idea is you write a story in exactly 55 words. If you want to take part pop over and let G-man know when you've posted your 55.

Every week a nice lady named Raven gives us fifteen words and phrases to use in a story. Here we try to use those words and phrases in a flash 55.This week's words are : swashbuckler, heads-up, dry martini, recovery, jungle gym, whiskers, bathing suit, spade, circular reasoning, abrasive, butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, stagnation, chart, star crossed lovers, apricot brandy. Note there are 27 words given out of the 55.

The star crossed lovers in bathing suits wanted a dry martini but settled for apricot brandy because of the circular reasoning of the butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, heads –up, swashbuckler of a bartender. Spade Whiskers was in recovery after his abrasive fall from the jungle gym and in his stagnation couldn’t chart or bartend.

And Now for something completely different. A flash 55 quivel. Something that looks like a poem, uses at least three of Quilly’s words and has five words to a line for eleven lines. Click on the special words for definitions.

Risible the old man looked
With his food so undercooked
Stagnicolous creatures on a plate
They didn’t look so great.
Invigilate him was the cry
Else he will surely die
With sevidical tone they spoke
Afraid he would eating choke
Acrasial children they had been
But they were his kin.
Summotion would be a sin


  1. Fandango -- you are an impressive writer. Both those 55 word posts are amazing -- all the words and they make sense, too!

  2. Excellent 55 Fandango. I'm so glad the old man realized what a sin it would be. "abrasive fall from the jungle gym" Love it. You dragons never cease to amaze me :)

  3. I'm crackin' up! Thank you.

  4. LOL - this took amazing creativity and skill!!!

  5. Impressive. It doesn't read forced at all. A little off kilter in places, but not forced.

  6. Now that 55 took talent. You set the words on fire ;-)

  7. I enjoyed the read (55) but I would not want to create a '55' under a formula of any kind--just don't think I'd enjoy it. BUT I sure appreciate and readily see the work, the skill, which went into it.

    Maybe I just don't have the time. Please do it again, I may change my mind, it's been known to happen!

  8. Thanks for stopping by mine, Being new, it helps to have that kind of support.

  9. I love anything with "star crossed lovers" in it. I have a streak in me that just adores romance, mystery, melodrama, destiny - all of which those three words bring up for me.

    Very well written and so creative. Thanks for the 55.

    Prayer Girl

  10. I feel like Daniel Webster every time I read one of your 55's.
    Great Job Hot Breath...Keep the flame going!!
    Have a Wonderful Week-End...G

  11. I love both your 55's I think they are very uniquely done. Have a great weekend.